About Us




Sapphire International Aviation Academy is an Aviation educational institution with a love-based learning environment anchored on moral and spiritual values designed to enable Aviation Students, regardless of nationality, race or creed to become successful and highly Responsible Aviation Professionals;  Private and Commercial Pilots, Flight Attendants, Flight Dispatchers, Aviation Maintenance Technicians, Avionics Technicians, Ground Handlers, in the local, national, and international arena.

The Academy was established to ensure that the Aviation Industry of the future will be safe and secure, and all who become a part of the Academy serve as a role model of Responsible Aviation Professionals to be admired and emulated the world over.

Its curricula are designed in such a way that all who join will be able to Learn Fast and Earn Fast so they can continue and succeed to make their dreams come true.








1. We produce top-notch Aviation Professionals through quality instruction, effective training, and conducive learning environment and facilities;

2. We pursue professional excellence in Aviation Education and ensure the satisfaction of our customers;

3. We provide effective Human Resource Development opportunities to enable our public to achieve their life goals;

4. We consistently utilize good Human Relations with our customers and business partners; and,

5. We strive to reach out and unconditionally serve the local, national, and international community.



HONOR - We are persons of integrity, principle-centered, values-directed, highly dependable, mission-oriented, and well anchored. People can hold on to what we say. We are transparent in our dealings and we value our reputation and the way by which we are perceived by others. We tell no lies or half truths for selfish motives. Our beliefs are one with our words and our deeds.

RESPECT –We recognize the rights of every person and render proper courtesy to everyone. We are generous, kind, friendly and caring to all.

LOYALTY-  We are trustworthy and dependable people. Our loyalty first and foremost is to the Supreme Being, then to the constitution, to our fellowmen, and to the Vision Statement of SIAA and to the principles for which it stands. A person who stands by these can always depend on our loyalty.

COURAGE - Our desire to serve GOD, Country and fellowmen empowers us to overcome fear and timidity and gives us the strength to fight for what is right. Courage does not only mean overcoming the fear of bodily pain or death for a noble cause; it also means saying No in favor of what we think is right, even when everyone else is saying yes in favor of what is wrong. Courage also means we conquer our self and exercise self-control at all times.

EXCELLENCE-ORIENTED - We give our best in everything we do. We pursue excellence in ourselves so that we can best serve those in need. We always go the extra mile in giving selfless service.

OTHERLINESS - We are a friend to all, always ready to extend assistance to all in need. We help others stand on their own; we do not tolerate indolence or dependence; we do not encourage mendicancy. We care for people and are supportive of whatever is good. We do not tolerate what is wrong. We would rather suffer reprimands and penalties than develop an unhealthy character. We do not harbor ill feelings. We accept the limitations and imperfections of others as we accept ours. We dwell in the realm of giving than of receiving. We think in terms of responsibilities than of rights, of selfless service than of self-centered concern, of duty than of privilege. Duty to the Supreme Being, Duty to others, Duty to self. All these for the glory of the Supreme Being.

SPIRITUALITY  -  We have deep faith, hope, love and respect for the SUPREME BEING. This we manifest in the performance of our religious obligations and in giving selfless service to our fellowmen. We respect the religious beliefs of others. We do not indulge in senseless religious discussions and debates nor oblige others to practice our own faith.