Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT)

This 2-year diploma course is designed to prepare a student for employment in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul. The AMT student learns all about basic aerodynamics, aircraft engines, aviation materials and processes, engine and airframe inspection, aircraft instrument systems, weight and balance, aircraft structures, lubrication systems, landing gear systems, engine cooling and fire-protection systems, cabin atmosphere control systems, trouble-shooting, etc. SIAA’s aviation workshop and laboratory provides students ample opportunities for hands-on exposure to various aviation systems.

After graduation and gaining practical experience and actual exposure to real aviation environments through On-the-Job-Training (OJT) with established airlines and aviation companies, the student is eligible to apply for a CAAP Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic License and prepare for an EASA International Aircraft Mechanic’s License.

Aircraft Run-up and Taxiing

In this phase of training as part of the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Course (AMT), students gain practical hands-on experience in aircraft ground operations including engine run-up and taxiing or ground movement of aircraft. This greatly helps AMT students in getting the inside feel of running up and taxiing an aircraft, particularly, in building up their confidence in their work as aircraft mechanics.

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